The FONDEMA Foundation works towards a renewed dialogue between Europe and the southern Mediterranean shore and Africa.


Activities and events organised in the Netherlands by Mr. Ahmed Saouli-Dehili, President, in 2010.





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Photography exhibition in The Hague by Algerian artist El Hadi Hamdikene, which brings another perspective to the work of the great European architect Fernand Pouillon.




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Algerian Literature: Yesterday and Today. Conference organised for the 400th year anniversary of Dutch-Algerian relations at the Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam, together with the University of Amsterdam. Participants included renowned writers Maïssa Bey, Fatéma Bakhaï, Mourad Djebe and Hamid Grine, and was chaired by Najib Zakka, Anja-Hélène van Zandwijk and Ieme van der Poel


For the 400 year celebration of Dutch-Algerian relations, Mr. Ahmed Saouli-Dehili had the pleasure of organizing an Algerian-accented version of Tartuffe. For this exceptional anniversary, an exceptional representation of the famous Molière play took place, adapted by director Marie-Hélène Garnier and interpreted by 10 Algerian actors from Annaba.





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Conference with Senegalese-born writer Fatou Diome in The Hague. The event was centered on her last two books, through which she explores immigrant life in France and the relationship between France and Africa.





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Conference Men and Territories: Future European Demographic Issues, given by a European politician from a majority party on one of the most important topics for Europe's future. Moderated by NRC Handelsblad journalist Pieter Kottman.