The FONDEMA Foundation works towards a renewed dialogue between Europe and the southern Mediterranean shore and Africa.


Foundation FONDEMA's schedule of activities and events for 2011.





Economic exchange between Algeria and the Netherlands promoted by Foundation FONDEMA at M'Sila, Algeria.

As part of our mission to encourage trade between the Netherlands and Algeria, FONDEMA asked the Dutch foundation PUM for agricultural expertise in M’Sila, Algeria, in order to foster the birth of new local companies.





FONDEMA meets Rotary Club Casablanca to discuss a partnership in supporting social, economic and cultural exchanges with Morocco.


Foundation FONDEMA is officially launched in the Netherlands, following a Board meeting in The Hague.

Mr. Ahmed Sahouli-Dehili is made President of the Foundation, and Mrs. Eveline J. A. van Tinteren-America is Director.




Fantasia, a show of traditional equestrian performances at cultural festivals in the Maghreb, was held at M'Sila, Algeria, to celebrate the 400 years of relationship of the country with the Netherlands.