The FONDEMA Foundation works towards a renewed dialogue between Europe and the southern Mediterranean shore and Africa.

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Cultural Heritage in Today's Southern Mediterranean region


Date: May 18th, 2016

Location: Speakers Corner, The Hague University, Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, 2521 EN Den Haag

The event seeks to highlight the difficulties facing Cultural Heritage today and the importance of its maintenance in the southern Mediterranean region by inviting experts from differing fields to share their experience and expertise.


Full Programme


15:10 - Dr Marilena Vecco

Assistant Professor in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at Erasmus University Rotterdam


Over the past few years, the entire world has been shocked by the terrorist group ISIS’ attacks to cultural heritage. ISIS used physical and media technology violence to propagate images of power. Several videos have emerged from Syria and Iraq showing ancient artefacts shattering under the weight of ISIS members’ sledgehammers and drills. This presentation will propose some reflections on cultural heritage conservation and its transmission. It will start with two interesting responses from the art world to the present cultural heritage destruction. The first one is “Material Speculation: ISIS”, a series of 3D-printed plastic sculptures by Morehshin Allahyari. These installations are recreations of artefacts destroyed by the terrorist group.  The second response is the proposal by Mikhail Piotrovsky, the director of the State Hermitage Museum, who wants to rebuild the ancient site of Palmyra following its destruction by ISIS.


15:20 - Dr Olivier Nieuwenhuijse

Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology at Leiden University


This presentation will present and discuss activities safeguarding Syrian archaeological heritage, namely two projects that will be assisted and supported by Directorate-General of Antiquities & Museums (DGAM) in Damascus. Firstly, a small project called 'Scanning for Syria', in which experts from Leiden University, the Musee du Quai Branly (Paris) and the Technical University Delft will scan plastic casts of important archaeological objects made before the war which are now lost. These scans can then be printed, manipulated and shared with others; the objects themselves are important in shaping a shared sense of identity amongst Syrian communities. Secondly, Dr Nieuwenhuijse is seeking to set up an inventory project of the Raqqa Archaeological Museum. The museum has, to date, been largely ignored by heritage professionals, yet it had a rich and important archaeological collection that is now lost.


15:30 - Dr Claudio Cimino

Secretary General of WATCH


Claudio Cimino will provide a background to the organisation, WATCH and highlight its relevance today. For ten years he lived in the Middle East as a resident expert and learnt what it feels like to be on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. In 2003 he began focusing his attention on the protection of cultural heritage exposed to the threats posed by climate changes, major natural events and human activities including conflicts in critical areas. In 2005 WATCH was registered, it is primarily focused on the implementation of the UNESCO 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and its two additional protocols. The organisation believes that the following are crucial to any progress: State inter-agency cooperation & Civil Military Cooperation for Cultural Heritage protection with the strong participation of local, national and international specialised CSOs and NGOs.


15:40 - Ms Koosje Spitz

Programme Coordinator for Cultural & Heritage in Crisis Situations at Netherlands Commission for UNESCO


UNESCO is the specialized organization within the United Nations that aims at the protection of cultural heritage and the promotion of cultural diversity. For that reason, all eyes are on UNESCO when cultural heritage is being threatened or even worse (intentionally) destructed. This loss of heritage of importance to mankind, whether due to natural or manmade disasters, requires a response from UNESCO. But is it realistic to expect UNESCO to set up rapid reaction mechanisms for the protection of cultural heritage? Or do the recent events in the Middle East and Northern Africa with regard to cultural heritage show that a different kind of action is needed? And if so, how does global action relate to local needs and which role can UNESCO play? Koosje Spitz will discuss in her brief presentation the added value and limitations of the protection of cultural heritage within the framework of a political and intergovernmental body like UNESCO


15:50 - Dr Simona Pinton

Lawyer & Senior Research Fellow at Ca’ Foscari University & University of Washington


A brief overview on the international law framework on cultural heritage regarding destruction, protection and safeguard of cultural heritage.  The responsibility of States which intentionally destroy or fail to take appropriate measures to prohibit, prevent, stop and punish any intentional destruction of cultural heritage according to the international norms on State responsibility and international criminal law. A special consideration will be provided to the role of non-state armed groups who are not parties to the treaties protecting cultural property in armed conflict and often do not share the core values that have inspired them.

The ongoing process defining, also at normative level, the value of cultural heritage for societies, starting from the 2005 Council of Europe Framework Convention on the value of Cultural Heritage for Society and the 2014 Communication from the EU Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. Venice, and its heritage communities, will be presented as a case study of a bottom-up implementation of the normative guidelines traced by the international instruments just mentioned. 


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Orza Tanem Art Exhibition "Torn Together"

Date: 13th - 15th April 

Location: Expo Room, The Hague University (Johanna Westerdijkplein 75) 


FONDEMA is to organise an art exhibition of Orza Tanem in The Hague. The exhibition will show solidarity with the migrant crises showcasing the work of French-Algerian artist ORZA TANEM. Ms. Tanem's artworks have previously been exhibited at Grand Palais and Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France. 


The keynote speech at the Vernissage of the exhibition will be made by the Councillor for Culture of the City of The Hague in the presece of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Algeria. 


Contemporary Art Exhibition "Richness and Diversity in North-South Mediterranean" 







Date: December 3rd, 2015

Location: Atrium, The Hague University (Johanna Westerdijkplein 75)
FONDEMA is to organised a fundrasing art exhibition in The Hague. Special guests during the Contemporary art exhibition included Ms. ORZA TANEM, Mr. CALRO TROJAN and Ms. NIKI LAUDACE (Art Connaisseur). 


The inspiring speech of Mr. Carlo TROJAN:

Compassion for the North-South Mediterranean, December 3rd 2015

Opening speech Carlo Trojan

Former Secretary General of the Europeen Commission

"Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to warmly thank Fondema for inviting me to open this unique art exhibition “Compassion for North-South Mediterranean”. It is pleasure to be here with talented artists such as Orza Tanem and all the participants whose works were selected.

Today’s event takes place at a particular junction in recent history. Europe is at crossroads. The EU is confronted with a ring of fire at its borders and is facing an unprecedented refugee crisis. Thousands of people are risking each and every day their lives to cross the Mediterranean to escape war and in search of a better life in Europe. The EU and its member states are at pains to manage this crisis. On top of it there were the terrorist’s attacks in Tunisia, in Lebanon and in Paris. Europe has the moral and legal obligation to receive asylum seekers and to alleviate their sufferings. Yet member states are confronted with the numbers and the practical consequences of accommodating such a massive influx. At the same time we have to confront questions of integration, security and national identity. More importantly we have to address the root causes for refugees and migrants to cross over to Europe.

We are all looking forward to admire your work and spent a pleasant evening together."

Ending the civil war in Syria and fighting ISIS is a prerequisite. The diplomatic discussions in Vienna offer a glimmer of hope. The terrorist’s attacks in Paris may have enhanced the determination to eradicate ISIS both abroad and at home. As far as Africa is concerned the root causes are poverty and insecurity. The recent gathering of EU and African leaders in la Valetta was a promising initiative for closer cooperation.

Today’s event is also about closer cooperation.

As an organization, FONDEMA seeks to build bridges between Europe and states across the Mediterranean. It does so by promoting economic, scientific and cultural exchanges. These aim to strengthen the common links that bind Europe with the Middle East and Africa. They also serve to open new paths towards intercultural dialogue and cultural enrichment.

This exhibition is one example. What makes it significant is the focus on compassion. Compassion is a word that we invoke frequently when faced with a humanitarian crisis. Its significance cannot be underestimated. It is only with compassion that we can provide the kind of support that people need. It is compassion that gives a human face to a human story.

Supporting the rights and dignity of individuals who seek protection within the EU remains a top priority of the European Commission. Promoting a better understanding between people of a different cultural and religious background is part of it.

Current efforts are bolstered by the kind of work Eveline and her team at FONDEMA is doing. Since 2013, under auspices of the Anna Lindh Foundation, FONDEMA has organized cultural events and exhibitions which have helped to expose many people to the cultural wealth that exists between Europe and the Middle East. They do this work with passion and devotion. FONDEMA works to uncover the potential that exists both at cultural and economic level. The enthusiasm that this exhibit has provoked at both sides of the Mediterranean is testimony to this fact. 

I would therefore like to congratulate the finalists and say to you that your creative contributions make this world richer.


International Contemporary Art Contest




FONDEMA presents to you the International Contemporary Art Contest. The participation is open to art students only. Participation fee is €15.

You are invited to send a digital copy your artwork by October 31st to 

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"Tea Time - A Taste of Mediterranean Flavors"







Date: October 15th, 2015

Location: Laan van Meerdervoort 70, The Hague, The Netherlands

FONDEMA is to organize a fundrasing cultural event with diverse Mediterranean plates. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated!

International Cultural Day at Rotterdam Business School 2015



Date: May 13th, 2015

Location: Rotterdam Business School

As an official partner of the Rotterdam Business School, FONDEMA played a key role in the university’s inaugural International Cultural Day held on the 13th of May, 2015.

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Photo Exhibition in Algeria: "Crossed Visions on Europe and North Africa"




Date: February 3rd, 2015

Location: Algeria

The Photography Exhibition "Crossed Visions on Europe and Northen Africa", organised by FONDEMA in collaboration with its Algerian partner (Studio 21 School) and Dutch partner (Keep the Moment), having known a great success in The Hague in May and in Algiers in November, will on on tour at the universities across Algeria. It will start on 02/03/2015 at the University of Tizi Ouzou.



Exhibition "Crossed Visions on Europe and Northern Africa"


Date: Autumn, 2014

Location: University of Béjaïa, Béjaïa, Algeria

Organised by FONDEMA Foundation in collaboration with Studio 21 Ecole based in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria and Keep The Moment, based in The Hague, the exhibition "Crossed Visions on Europe and Northern Africa" is a collection of 60 photographs tracing the differences and commonalities of culture across the Mediterranean between Algeria and The Netherlands. Historically, traditions and other elements of culture such as food, language and art have been exchanged across the Mediterranean for many centuries.


FONDEMA's founder and director, Mrs. Eveline van Tinteren-America will be present for the opening ceremony.

The Arabic Pavilion at the Kinderboekenmarkt



Date: October 12th, 2014

Location: City Hall, Den Haag, The Netherlands

The Arabic Pavilion was back at the Kinderboekenmarkt for 2014! On the 12th of October at the City Hall of The Hague kids and adults alike could hear Arabic and Dutch tales straight from the authors themselves, partake in interactive theatre and exciting hands-on workshops!  

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"Crossed Visions on Europe and Northern Africa" extended in the Koorenhuis!


Date: July 7th - September 15th, 2014

Location: Koorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27, Den Haag, The Netherlands

The success of our first exhibition “Crossed Visions on Europe and Northern Africa” led to a new opportunity to re- exhibit the photographs at the Koorenhuis in the center of The Hague. If you missed the exhibition the first time around or would like to check it out again, it’s a perfect time to experience it.

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Common Action Day 2014: Connecting through Art



Date: June 19, 2014
Location: International Danstheater, Kloveniersburgwal 87, Amsterdam

 "Connecting through Art" is a cultural event organized by FONDEMA together with the other Cosortium-member Organizations of the Anna Lindh NL Network in the Netherlands including EUROCLIO, Dancing on the Edge and other non-profit organizations based in the Netherlands.

 "Connecting through Art" offers the participants an opportunity to learn about the value of the creative arts in respect to connecting people, and how creative arts can act as a  form of dialogue that leads to empowerment and understanding between cultures.

It is a full-day event, during which the participants will interact in the workshops, have an opportunity to watch a documentary, enjoy a performance by a culture group and a speech by a professional in the field of international relations and policy-making.

Learn more on this evert with the official program.


Photo Exhibition: "Crossed Visions on Europe and Northern Africa", the Netherlands

Date: May 9 - June 7th, 2014

Location: De Bakkerswinkel Den Haag, Torenstraat 142, the Netherlands

 “Crossed Visions on Europe and Northern Africa” is a photo exhibition organized by the Hague-based NGO Fondema in collaboration with the photography schools Keep the Moment and Studio 21 Ecole.

Focused on The Netherlands and Algeria, the exhibition brings light on the differences and commonalities of cultures across the Mediterranean.. Historically, the two regions have been exchanging traditions and other elements of culture such as food, language and art, resulting in a unique mixture of different cultures which yet shares many common traits.

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You can also find here below the inaugural speech pronounced by Her Excellency Mrs Nassima Baghli the Ambassador of Algeria to the Netherlands during the opening of the exhibition on May the 9th 2014.





Dear Eveline,

Dear friends,

I am particularly pleased, today to inaugurate the exhibition named “Crossed visions on Europe and North Africa” organized by the Foundation FONDEMA which is exposing some photos taken by Algerian photographers from Studio 21 and Dutch photographers.


Studio 21 is a private school founded by an Algerian young woman. It is based in the city of Tizi-Ouzou.

This same exhibition will be displayed in Algiers under the auspices of the Dutch Embassy.

As to FONDEMA, it was created in January 2013 by Ahmed Saouli-Dehili, the President, and Mrs Eveline van Tinteren-America, Director. It aims to bringing a new dimension to the relations between The Netherlands and the North African countries. 

The objectives it has set, the vision it wants to promote will certainly contribute to bringing an added value to those relations.

I have the chance to know Mr. Dehili and Mrs van Tinteren-America for some time now and I know the passion they have for North Africa and their desire to share this passion.

They believe, rightly that there is a need to develop further the cultural dimension of the relations between the North African countries and The Netherlands and they are working on that. 

Their initiative will, without doubt, generate a new dynamic because they are targeting actors of civil society who will themselves, in their own way, and in different fields, open new horizons to those relations.

FONDEMA has also the ambition to encourage the economic ties between the concerned countries. 

It has just signed a memorandum of understanding with the Rotterdam Business School which provides some assistance in company matchmaking.

Another partner of FONDEMA is The House of trade: The Netherlands–Maghreb which is represented here, today.

I can also see Mrs Nouria Ouibrahim from NABC which is doing a great job.

For my part, I appreciate a lot the approach of FONDEMA to invest in new opportunities, at the human scale and discover new niches which will contribute to enriching and to diversifying those relations. 

Countries of North Africa have a lot to offer. They have a rich culture, a huge economic potential and a strong common desire to strengthen their ties with The Netherlands.


The exhibition we are attending today, is a first step towards the objectives set by FONDEMA.

I encourage FONDEMA to pursue in this direction and I wish them a lot of success.

I am very happy to note the presence of the Ambassadors of Tunisia, Libya, Morocco and Egypt. I am sure that they will support the activities of FONDEMA which should be seen as a new framework of cooperation and interaction between North Africa and The Netherlands.

So now, please, I invite you to enjoy the exhibition.


Mission Morocco


Date: 27 February - 11 March 2014

From the 27th of February 2014 to the 11th of March 2014, Eveline van Tinteren-America, Director of FONDEMA went to Morocco in order to attend the 1st Arab-African Skydiving Championship in Teroudant, to visit our local partners and to expand FONDEMA's network in North Africa.


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Kinderboekenmarkt 2013 Arabic Pavilion I, the Netherlands (10/10/2013)




M'Sila Forum, Algeria (04/07/2013)



Common Action Event : ReciPeace for Dialogue (21/05/2013)